Visual Studio
Integrated development environment to generate applications and services.

Microsoft Azure
Cloud computing created by Microsoft to build, test, deployment and manage applications and services.

Azure Functions
Serverless computing service to run code in the cloud triggered by events.

Application development platform composed of tools, programming languages, and libraries.

SQL Server
Database manage system by Microsoft.

Platform for developing applications that make and receive text messages; communication and registration functions.

Microsoft Dynamics 365
Microsoft ERP and CRM software.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV
Role-oriented ERP.

Dynamics Business Central
Enterprise resource planning system.

Bot Framework
Platform to build, connect, test and develop bots.

Power Apps
Platform that allows you to create applications that work both on the web and on mobile devices.

Power BI
Business intelligence that unites and models data for business interaction and analysis.

Microsoft Teams
Unified communication and collaboration platform.

Office 365
Microsoft online office suite that allows you to create, access and share documents within the company.

Azure DevOps
Platform that provides version control, reporting, requirements management, project management, and testing.

Content management system to create web pages, blogs or applications.

Web hosting provider and domain registrar.

Customizable open source e-commerce platform built on WordPress.